Our Programmes

The work of PW-SL is aimed at protecting and promoting the rights of prisoners and detainees and to create a just humane and effective penal system in Sierra Leone. We do this through the following strategic programme goals and activities.

Strategic Goal 1. – Access to Justice.


  • Juvenile Justice Project
  • Criminal Justice and Paralegal.

Strategic Goal 2. – Detention and Court Monitoring.


  • Detention Monitoring Project.
  • Court Monitoring Project.

Srategic Goal 3. – Psycho-social and Reintegration Programme.


  • Moving Out and Moving On (MOMO) Project.
  • After Prison Life Project (ALP).

Srategic Goal 4 : Prison ECOSOC Programme


  • Right to Life and Health Project.
  • Right to Education and Information Outreach Project.

Srategic Goal 5: Prison Religious Outreach

  • Prison Christian Fellowship Project.
  • Prison Muslim Jamaat Project.