Access to Justice Programme

Juvenile Justice Project –  Specific Activities:

  • Support diversion of juvenile offenders to other services rather than criminalizing them and putting them in juvenile justice system.
  • Support the reintegration of all juveniles back into their community after release.
  • Support transitional and social support care for street and vulnerable children and juveniles released from detention.
  • Provide tutorial classes for juveniles who were attending school prior to detention.
  • Provide vocational skills training for juveniles who were not attending school prior to detention.

 Criminal Justice and Paralegal Project –  Specific Activities:

  • Provide basic legal  orientation to prevent people from going into detention.
  • Provide basic legal first aid to all persons deprived of their liberty or at risk of going into detention.
  • Provide legal assistance/advice to all pregnant women, lactating mothers and children in detention.
  • To follow up on all long pretrial detainees  and detainees awaiting indictments.
  • To help all appellant prisoners with their appeals.